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Here's how to take your measurements 

  1. Wear underwear when taking measurements

  2. Use a flexible sewing tape measure

  3. Do not take your measurements alone, a second person is necessary

A- Bust: Position the tape at the tip of the breasts
B- Waist: Position the tape at the thinnest part of the waist
C- Hips: Position the tape at hip level, at the largest point

DHollow to floor: Position the tape on the hollow of the neck and let the tape fall to the ground

Robe charter.jpg

Here are the steps for a custom size order:

  1. Select dress color
  2. Select size: custom size
  3. Enter your measurements

Here are the measurements you must enter:

1 - Bust = cm

2 - Waist = cm

3 - Hip = cm

4 - Hollow to floor = cm

5 - Your height = cm

6 - Shoe heel = cm​​

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