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How to preserve the bride's flower bouquet. Preserving bridal bouquet. Tips and advice.

Wedding bouquet

Preserving bridal bouquet

For storing the bridal bouquet after the wedding, here are some useful tips:

  1. Silica Gel: Use silica gel to dry the flowers. Carefully place the flowers in a cardboard or plastic box, spacing them apart so they don't touch each other. Cover the flowers with silica gel and let them dry for a few weeks until they are completely dry.

  2. Pressing: If you prefer a flatter look, you can press the flowers. Place the flowers between sheets of paper towels and place them under heavy books. Leave them pressed for a few weeks until they are completely dry.

  3. Wax: Some people choose to preserve their bouquet by dipping it in melted wax. This can help maintain the color and shape of the flowers, but it requires a little know-how to achieve a satisfactory result.

  4. Frames: Once the flowers are dried or pressed, you can frame them to create a keepsake decorative of your wedding. Use a glass frame to protect the flowers and display them in your home.

  5. Professional Preservation: If you want to preserve your bouquet professionally, you can contact flower preservation specialists who can process and display it in a personalized frame or box.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to handle the flowers gently to avoid damaging them during the preservation process. And remember that the end result will largely depend on the freshness and quality of the flowers used in your wedding bouquet.

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